HawksRidge Owners,

Please be aware someone continues to vandalize our equipment in the clubhouse. We are also getting reports of cars being broken into on Harlan’s Run. Please report any suspicious activity to the Sherriff Office and keep your doors locked.


Harry Parks, CAM

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Clubhouse Usage

HawksRidge Property Owners Association, Inc.

c/o Southwest Property Management Corp.

E-mail:   HParks@swpropmgt.com

1044 Castello Drive, Naples, FL 34103-1900

Phone: 239-261-3440-ext. 141    Fax: 239-261-2013
Contact:  Harry Parks



1.   Starting April 1 2008 it will be necessary to reserve usage of the Clubhouse.  You will need to state your name, contact number and HawksRidge single-family home address.  Please provide the date and times for the requested event.  Email information to HParks@swpropmgt.com

2.  There will be a requirement to post a refundable $200 deposit with the reservation. The Association has the right to use all or part of the deposit, if the condition of the Clubhouse after usage is not acceptable. In such circumstance either repairs as needed or professional cleaners will be engaged to remedy problems. It is the obligation of the reserving party to ensure that the Clubhouse is returned to the Association in good condition, clean and without damage.

3.  To make any reservation please contact Southwest Property Management Corp.  239-261-3440 extension 141.  You can also fax (239-261-2013) or e-mail the request to  HParks@swpropmgt.com

4.  Reservations may only be made by adults 18 years or over, and they must be residents of HawksRidge single family homes. Please note that the Association does not have a liquor license. If you plan to serve alcohol it is best first to check with Collier County to ensure it would be legal for you to do so.

5.  The person (or group) reserving the Clubhouse must sign a waiver of liability. In other words the Association will not be responsible for any claims arising out of the usage of the Clubhouse.

HawksRidge Board of Directors

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